Ohio Central Railroad System

For donating the X-1 instead of selling it for scrap.

Century Steel Erectors


For donating all services involved in disassembling, loading, trucking, unloading and reassembling the X-1 back at its home along the Montour Right-of-Way.

Tom Robinson & Family

For providing a home for the X-1 at his facility, TAR Storage on Valleybrook Road in Peters Twp, the site of the former Montour #4 coal mine. The X-1 sits along the Montour Trail and is a reminder to trail users that this ribbon of land was first trod by the Montour Railroad.

Montour Trail Council

For all of their help in arranging these donations.

Ruff-Kutz Custom Sawmilling

For donating and milling the replacement oak footboards.

PPG Industries

For donating the sealer for rust containment and the final paint finish.

All Volunteers

Who readied the site and built track at the TAR Storage location in anticipation of the X-1's arrival. And to everyone who has and will spend countless hours helping to restore the X-1 to its former glory.