A Message from the Prez

As 2012 heads into 2013, MRHS makes plans to continue on our list of projects. Notable in this past year was the progress made in the restoration of the X1 crane. Much remains to be done, though, and we are always looking for volunteers who would like to help.

Other projects this past year include the placement or replacement of several historic informal signs along the Montour Trail. A new Milepost 39was installed, with several more on the project list. With the opening of the new bridges at Hendersonville, the original bridge is slated for restoration as a hisctorical display. Work has started, but much remains to be done.

Presentations on the history of the Montour Railroad have been given to community groups and more are scheduled.

This is where you come in. These projects take time, effort and of course, money. If you are interested in helping, e-mail us at mrhs@montourrr.com. Or, consider making a donation to the MRHS treasury to help support these ongoing projects. MRHS is a non-profit group, compliant under 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible. Check the links under donate and help preserve the history of our area.


X1 compressor work by Carter and Patrick, picture by Bryan